Coach Nudge provides executive coaching services for individuals & teams — people, relationships, business & results are what we know best.


We offer highly skilled and deeply experienced coaching partners, who work with both leaders and their teams to ‘be the best that they can be’ to deliver business results.

Everyone needs a nudge from time to time.




Our passion for enabling business leaders to be the best they can be is the driving force behind the creation of Coach Nudge.


Founded by Jackie Gittins, Coach Nudge seeks to make a difference. 

We enable leaders to understand themselves and their impact on clients and colleagues, and partner with them to build on their strengths to deliver results.


We see coaching as a potentially transformative space, in which individuals can have impact at three levels:


All of our coaches are experienced in successfully guiding business transformation, within both individuals and teams. Our work is based on the belief that answers to complex business problems lie within individuals and organisations.

Core to this, is the assumption that while individuals cannot become who they are not, they can become more of what they are. We work in a number of different organisational contexts and cultures to bring these perspectives to every client.


The most frequent coaching outcomes our clients report include:


+  Business growth

+  Enhanced ability to set & achieve goals

+  Higher levels of confidence

+  Increased self-awareness

+  Improved team effectiveness

+  Accelerated transitions to new roles

+  Skills development

+  Better working relationships

+  Career advancement

+  Effective stress management


We work across industries and our work is totally confidential. 

We will connect you with previous and existing client’s references so you can hear for yourself about the great work we do.




Coach Nudge provides executive coaching services for individuals & teams — to help reach their goals in today’s world.


Colleagues within today’s organisations are constantly being challenged to lead and grow business results in an economic, political and digital environment, where consumers have greater choice and transparency of where and how they buy services than ever before.

As coaches we have a thorough understanding of our clients businesses and the dilemmas they face. Whatever the leadership challenge, our focus on the professional and personal context means we can quickly relate to individuals and their business scenarios.


At Coach Nudge we believe:




We believe that successful coaching starts with good ‘chemistry’ & agreed objectives.

We provide a supportive environment to help identify the objectives of the individual. By asking purposeful questions, coaching can provide the nudge needed to consider alternative ways of leading. 

As all clients have different priorities, each coaching program is completely bespoke. We use a range of tools and different coaching models to help leaders reach their goals.




Team Coaching offers a targeted approach to developing the leadership capabilities of a group.

Often the goals of team coaching include improving alignment and effectiveness, developing senior leaders, increasing accountability, assimilating a new leader or transitioning through an organisational change. Whatever the brief we can assist.

Clients report that team coaching allows their teams’ time and space for dialogue and to consider their combined impact as well as the opportunity to agree their collective purpose and metrics.




Our coaching partners have held successful roles in business or academia and combine this with strong commercial experience. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of professional care and practice.

We believe that chemistry and rapport are fundamental in our coaching relationships. We will recommend a coaching partner for you and your business once we have an understanding of your needs.


Coach Nudge partners will add value working in your organisation.

We all share the same values of integrity, quality and drive to help make a real difference with our clients. We are all trained in a range of psychometric tools and are committed to creating bespoke plans as required. We have our work supervised by our own coaches and have an inherent curiosity that drives our practice.


We are also proud to be a member of Avvartes Partners, which allows us to serve our global clients with even more speed, agility and scale. Avvartes Partners is a carefully selected global team of Human Capital experts who believe that business breakthroughs start with leaders who deliver the bottom line, yet are people-focused at the same time.


We are members of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) and subscribe to the EMCC code of ethics (see The EMCC exists to promote good practice and the expectation of good practice in mentoring and coaching across Europe.




To find out more about Coach Nudge and our coaching services, please get in touch — we'd love to hear from you.


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